Wellness Wednesdays

Welcome to our Wellness Wednesday Blog Post! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this post! Last week we talked about wellness and what it is. Now that we have a better idea of wellness is we can start to work towards developing wellness routines. I know it may seem daunting, but right now, during this pandemic, is this best time to start thinking more about wellness routines. Our mental health and well-being is suffering because of the uncertainty of the situation. We need to make our wellness our priority. As you read last week, "wellness is an individual pursuit - we have the self-responsibility for our own choices, behaviours and lifestyles - but it is also significantly influence by the physical, social and cultural environment in which we live." With a world seemingly out of control with on and off states of emergency, lock downs, on-line schooling and unfathomable events happening around the world we often feel out of control. I found one way to feel like I was in control was to take better care of myself by slowly integrating moments of wellness into my life. I wanted to give you some ideas of how to live a life of wellness throughout your day!

Morning Wellness Routine Ideas

1. Stretch

2. Hydrate

3. Meditate

4. Get a Workout in

5. Eat Breakfast

Afternoon Wellness

1. Keep Moving

2. Don’t Skip Lunch

3. Schedule in Mini Breaks

4. Recharge

5. Aromatherapy

6. Create an Anxiety-Reducing Strategy

End of Day Wellness Routine Ideas

1. Restore

2. Power Down

3. Practice Gratitude

4. Get a Good Nights Sleep

I hope you notice that by taking our classes you are already doing many of these! I hope you enjoyed this weeks post. Next week we will look a little more in depth on wellness routines in the morning. Until then!


Amber Green



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