Wellness Wednesday

At Querencia we believe that movement is imperative for sustainable health. Our bodies are designed to move. Movement generates synovial fluids in joints, clears metabolic waste (lymph), creates slide & glide between tissues of your body and basically up-regulates the whole system by doing what it’s designed to do which is move.

In our classes we learn movement patterns such as squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, and rotating. We learn to consciously use our joints and spine in ways that honor our unique design to prevent wear and tear and maximize longevity.

At Querencia we also believe that it is important to have movement variety and move outside your typical daily positions and favorite fitness activities for total body health.

Our classes explore exercises from all different styles and systems of movement to elicit new sensations and discover new possibilities within. we aim to be fearless explorers into the potential of our own bodies approaching movement with the attitude of sustainability.

Try mixing up our classes to improve total body health! Below I have grouped our classes into categories and have provided a suggestion for the number of times per week you should be doing each category of class.


- Our stabilized classes use safe and effective techniques to strengthen, align, and improve flexibility. These full body workouts will improve performance balance and reduce pain.

- Classes included: Contrology and Stability.

- For best results: 3 - 4/week.


- Improve posture, release tension, increase range of motion and offset wear and tear with these self-massage and stretch classes.

- Classes include: Roll With It!, Mobility, & Somatics.