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Wellness Wednesday

Hi! Last week we talked about mindsets when approaching your physical fitness. We should also treat our bodies while we train them. At Querencia we do this through self-massage with the Yoga Therapy Tune Up Balls. Some of you may have completed the 28 day self-massage challenge and I wanted to tell you a little more about self-massage and why it’s good for sustainable fitness.

“Maintaining a healthy, supple soft-tissue system is imperative for your body to continually renew and regenerate itself. Furthermore self-massage can help fend off tension patterns that take a toll on musculoskeletal health and increase the risk of injury. A regular self-massage practice is a key piece of sustainable health.” The body is made up of multiple layers of connective tissue (fascia) that weaves and winds its way around every part of your body’s parts, connecting (and separating) you from head to toe. Massage Balls improve the slide and slide between the fascial layers which translates into ease of movement, release of tension, and reduction of discomfort. It also:

· It helps work out the kinks that bigger stretches can’t touch. · it awakens dormant and stiff body parts. · It keeps your proprioceptors alert and on. · It keeps you awake and vital feeling. · How to see your inner self through touch · Empowers you to manage your own aches and pains · Enhances breathing · Reduces stress · Improves posture and performance

For those self-massage challenge participants who are still practicing daily I applaud you! If you have not tried self-massage I hope you can find 5 – 10 minutes in your day to practice as the benefits are many and it just feels awesome!


Amber Green



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