Wellness Wednesday

At Querencia we aim to help you get in better shape and reach your fitness goals. But we want so much more than that for you… we want you to get fit and stay fit well into your later years of life.

When it comes to sustainable fitness, your mindset definitely matters. How you think about your body, self-care and exercise choices will determine the actions you take, and your commitment level.

Many people are stuck in old fitness habits that are body shape focused and need updating. Others have a myopic focus around short-term performance in one specific sport which can be short-sighted too. (Myopia is a condition in which visual images come to a focus in front of the retina of the eye, resulting in defective vision of distant objects. ... Someone myopic might have trouble seeing things from a different perspective or considering the future consequences before acting.

Sustainable fitness is the key to independent living well into old age, as pain-free as possible. Just like an athlete has a goal of doing their best in their sport, for sustainable fitness, we should set goals with the ‘sport’ of healthy longevity in mind.

We all need to think of ourselves as ‘athletes’ and our ‘sport’ as arriving at the an age of 90 +, with the ability to move and care for ourselves similar to how we do at our age now. In other words, pain-free and perhaps independent living at 90 is the goal. So, to get there, choosing the mindset of sustainable fitness means you reverse-engineer that goal to the age you are now. Then create an evolving plan for how to reach it.

So when considering your fitness choices, think: