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Wellness Wednesday

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful start to your week! The topic for this Wellness Wednesday will be dry brushing. We brush our hair, and teeth, so why not brush your skin?

Dry brushing is brushing the skin in a particular pattern with a dry brush, usually before showering. In dry brushing, the skin is typically brushed toward the heart, starting at the feet and hands, and brushing toward the chest.

I’ve been dry brushing my skin for about a year now mostly because it feels great and makes my skin softer, but there are other benefits as well.

The process of running a firm, natural bristled brush over the skin helps loosen and remove dead skin cells, naturally exfoliating skin. Another benefit of exfoliating the skin is clearing oil, dirt, and residue from the pores. I can’t explain why but dry brushing always gives me a natural energy boost. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend dry brushing at night, but it is great in the morning. One theory is that because it increases circulation, it also increases energy.

Choosing a Dry Brush

I use a firm, natural bristle brush with a long handle, which allows me to reach my entire back and easily brush the bottoms of my feet and the backs of my legs. You may be able to find a set that includes a face brush and two body brushes with different firmness.

When I started dry brushing, my skin was much more sensitive and I preferred the softer one, and now I much prefer the firmer brush. With the set, I have options. I recommend replacing the brush every 6-12 months as the bristles will eventually wear out. I also wash my brush every few weeks to remove dead skin cells.

How to Dry Brush

Dry brushing can be done daily over the whole body, preferably in the morning before showering. Start with a gentle brush and soft pressure. Work up to a firmer brush and more firm pressure over time.


1. Starting at the feet, brush the bottoms : the feet and up the legs in long, smooth strokes. Brush each section of skin about 10 times. It's important to brush up toward the heart/chest area where the lymph system drains.

2. Repeat the same process with the arms, starting with the palms of the hands and brushing up the arm toward the heart. Again, brush each section of skin about 10 times.

3. On the stomach and armpits, brush in a circular clockwise motion.

4. Repeat the process on the abdomen and back.

5. Use a more delicate brush on your face to finish off the dry brushing process.

6. Follow up with lotion if desired.

A Warning for Sensitive Skin

Always, my advice is to pay attention to what works for you and your body. If you have sensitive skin or a history of eczema or other skin conditions, this is one health habit you may want to skip. If dry brushing isnt something that works for you next week we will be exploring a gentler detox option for sensitive skin, a detox bath. Until next Wednesday!

Stay Well!

Amber Green



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