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Wellness Wednesday

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to check out this week's blog. Initially we started talking about morning routines a couple of weeks ago. In order to prepare ourselves for making this transformation we first looked at how to improve the quantity and quality of sleep. If you do manage to get up early enough, early morning is the best time for “you” time. It’s a time to set your day in a positive t

rajectory and start a new beauty routine.

Mine goes a little something like this.

After waking up slowly, I get up and make my way to the bathroom where I, dry brush, brush my teeth, floss, and scrape my tongue. I take the time to treat myself to a full body grapeseed oil massage. I grab a glass of water and head to my mat for meditation. While on my mat, I do a short yoga practice to get my joints moving and my body feeling awake. I then hop in the shower and get ready using my favorite natural bath and body products and then get dressed. I then head to the kitchen to continue hydrating with an herbal tea and prepare a smoothie for nourishment. The next thing I do after I have taken this time for myself is finish the hardest thing that I have to do for the day while my mind is fresh and I am at my best!.

You may be saying to yourself that it seems like a lot of work. Maybe you are not convinced that any of this will help, but trust me, you will notice a difference. You will find more balance and natural beauty by following a relatively consistent morning practice. Now that you have the knowledge, tools and skills to sleep better, to wake up earlier, you now have made the time to put yourself self-care first.

It’s easier to stick to a routing that suits your needs. Try creating a morning routine that works for you! The routine doesn’t have to be perfect, or look the same everyday, but try to keep consistency whenever possible.Here are some basic wellness acts to incorporate:

· Grapeseed Oil Massage

· Dry Brushing

· Hydrate

· Meditation

· Yoga

· Beauty Routine

· Nourishment

Next week we will look more into some of these wellness acts and what they do to improve our health and well-being. Until then!


Amber Green



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