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(Dys)Functional Fridays

Welcome to Querencia’s first (Dys)Functional Friday Blog Post!

In this blog section, I’m going to give you a glimpse at my body nerd side! I will be posting information about biomechanical problems and musculoskeletal disorders that are common in our sedentary lifestyle. Together we will explore various syndromes in different areas of the body, the muscles associated with these dysfunctional spots, as well as some exercises and self-care techniques that will hopefully improve your “problem” or prevent dysfunctions from occurring in the first place.

Let’s start from the very beginning by looking at the meaning of biomechanics. Biomechanics are the internal and external forces inflicted on the human body to create movement. Internal forces are those forces created inside the body by the action of muscles pulling on bones, whereas, external forces are those acting outside the body such as gravity, friction, dead loads, such as the weight of the body itself and the non-structural materials it supports, and live loads, which include moving loads, such as occupants, goods, and furniture, as well as wind loads, seismic loads, and impact loads, among others.

So what are biomechanical dysfunctions?

Biomechanical problems are abnormalities in the movements produced by the internal and external forces and the body’s ability to react to them. “When external forces act on a body part for movement and posture, the body tissue responds by generating forces to interact for the desired posture and movement[1]. This body tissue response to the applied external force is called stress. Stress can be defined as the amount of force applied to an area of the connective tissue. The relative change or deformation in the shape of the structure that accompanies the stress is called strain[2]. (”

Next weeks blog will look at the Temporomandibular joint. If you suffer from jaw tension, pain, and migraines this could be a key read for you! Until next Friday!


Amber Green



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